There is something just so delightfully indulgent in drinking a cocktail. The explosion of flavours. The fun garnishes. Feeling like you’re doing something a little bit naughty, or having a good time. Cocktail drinkers pass by the easy options of wine and beer, to choose something more daring and sumptuous. You can’t be boring if you’re drinking a cocktail. Let’s face it, ordering a cocktail is a bit of a treat!

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw the world shut down. Offices, airports, bars and restaurants were left empty. Lockdown was a time when people really needed a pick me up, a little bit of TLC. It’s then that we launched MYXD. Unable to serve our cocktails in bars we found a way to bring them to your door. Everything you love in a cocktail packaged up and ready to drink from the comfort and safety of your own home.

With things opening up again we’re not planning to stop doing what we’re doing. Some of you may not be comfortable going out yet. Some of you may be shielding, self-isolating, be under travel quarantine. Or you might just like having a cocktail at home and not in a bar! Either way, we’re going to keep on making awesome pre-made cocktail mixes and delivering them to your door. 

Not to be biassed but we genuinely think that our MYXD pre-made cocktails are some of the best available and here’s why…

A Pre-Made Alcoholic Mix Drink That Doesn’t Expire

This might sound too good to be true but it’s a fact! Our MYXD cocktail pouches have no shelf life. Because we provide our mixers separately our cocktail pouches have no expiration dates. So there’s no need to rush and you can enjoy them whenever you want.

However, for the best flavour experience, we do recommend enjoying them within 1 year of purchase. Once opened ideally within a couple of weeks (if you can resist that long!)

The mixers that come included with our cocktails are all branded products and come with their own shelf life printed on them.

Bar-Quality Cocktail Mixes Crafted With Care

With our cocktail pouches, we offer that same premium quality that you can expect in the world’s best bars. All our mixes are handcrafted with care, using the best of ingredients.

We also have years of mixology experience behind the bar to boot. Bringing all of our knowledge and expertise to each cocktail that we make, we ensure that the flavours are perfectly balanced and sure to delight.

Buckets, Not Measures, of Personality

Maybe not the most appealing of cocktail ingredients but we pour our hearts and souls into each mix! You’re sure to taste it! Not in a gross way either… We love having a bit of fun with the cocktails we make. Pushing the boundaries of known cocktail recipes, twisting the classics, or just swapping in and out existing ingredients to make something a bit better or more exciting. We like to think that we go beyond the normal mixology tricks. Striving to incorporate all that we’ve learned from modern and molecular gastronomy techniques over the years to create some truly weird and wonderful cocktails.

If you’re a real cocktail connoisseur always on the hunt for something new to try, watch out for our Limited Edition cocktails pouches! It’s there that we get the most experimental!

We Love Convenience Just As Much As You Do

Pre-made cocktail mixes, ready to be put together for a special night, or just a normal night, is just incredibly convenient. Gone are the days of having to search high and low for that one obscure spirit or liqueur you need. No more trawling the internet for or, god forbid, even making that special fruit syrup that just makes or breaks the whole thing. Let’s not even mention housing that old bottle of Cointreau in the back of the cupboard for years just because of that one cocktail recipe you needed it for back in 2008.

MYXD cocktail pouches give you exactly what you need, in the quantities that you need. No hassle and no mess, just pour it over ice and garnish as you see fit before enjoying in the house, the garden, or out and about.

Convinced? Thirsty? Head over to our shop and choose your cocktail(s) of choice!