As of July 2020, we can now deliver all over the UK. If you live within Inverness or Nairn, you can also collect (see next question)

Abso-freaking-lutely! You can collect from Inverness or Nairn between Thursdays and Sundays. We just ask that you give us at least 24 hours to get it all ready.  Collection points are also on our delivery page.

No Shaker?  No Problem!

Only a handful of our cocktails are recommended to be shaken, and if you find yourself without the ideal tools to do so, there are a number of options!  You could use;

  • An empty juice bottle (preferable with a wide top, to fit ice cubes in)
  • A protein shaker
  • A blender! (careful of the blades)
  • An empty and clean milk carton.
  • Even a Tupperware tub with a good seal!
  • Coffee/Thermos flask

In the worst case scenario, these cocktails are only recommended to be shaken. If you find yourself without any suitable tools, then as long as these drink are pre-chilled, you can simply combine the pouch and the mixer….the flavours will all be there!


The way we have formulated our cocktails, there is technically no shelf life on the pouches, although we recommend enjoying them within 1 year of purchase, and within a couple of weeks of opening (if you can resist that long!)

The mixers we provide are all branded products and come with their own shelf life printed on them.

We recommend storing in the fridge.

Get hacking the inside of your undefrosted freezer.

Only kidding (seriously, please don’t do this!), as long as your cocktails and mixers are chilled in the fridge, there is no real need to have ice….but it would be better.

a question that we havent covered – no problem just get in touch