We were thinking… even though none of us can go travelling like we want to, nothing is stopping us from enjoying the classic flavours of our dream destinations is it? Treat yourself to a mini around the world experience via cocktail!

Let us help your imagination run wild. Picture yourself sipping on a French Martini after a day of shopping in Paris, or quenching your thirst with a Rum & Coke after a night salsa dancing in Havana. Hit up New York’s most famous haunts and toast your adventures with a Candy Floss Cosmo!

Although we can’t responsibly recommend you drink all of these in one go, here are some cocktails that may satisfy a bit of that pent up wanderlust…

Let’s start off local with the Bakewell Sour

We think Scotland should feature in any world tour so it’s the starting point of ours. The Bakewell Sour cocktail was invented in Edinburgh back in 2015 and kicks us off with the homey flavours of our childhood.

Cross the channel for a Pink Gin 75 in Paris

The Pink Gin 75 takes us back to 1900s Paris. Revel in the glamour and the glitz with Prosecco fizz and boozy gin. This cocktail is perfect for a celebratory occasion, or as a proper treat-yourself indulgence. Even if you’re staying in, you can justify dressing up for it.

Head south and immerse yourself in Italian tradition with a Blood Orange Negroni

Negroni is a well known Italian classic and we’ve mixed it up with blood orange bitters! Envision yourself enjoying our Blood Orange Negroni cocktail sitting at the bar in an Italian village, admiring the sun setting over vineyards and fields, with travel planning literature splayed across the table in front of you.

Exchange Europe for the Caribbean whilst sipping on a Cuban Fury

Our Cuban Fury cocktail is worth crossing the Atlantic for. If Dominican white, Kraken dark spiced and Old J Caribbean spiced overproof rums combined with grenadine and pineapple juice don’t whisk you away to white sand beaches and palm trees we don’t know what will.

You can’t get more North American than a Maple Old Fashioned

An American classic with a Canadian twist. The Maple Old Fashioned replaces the usual dissolved sugar with sticky maple syrup. This flavoursome substitute allows our imaginations to run wild with mounties, moose, and ice hockey players.

Hop over the Mexican border for a Pear & Honey Paloma

A Mexican favourite, the Pear & Honey Paloma combines tequila with heady honey and pear flavours. This is the perfect cocktail for taking with you on a little exploration of Mexico City. Enjoy the fruity tangy freshness whilst you’re strolling through the many curated gardens and plazas.

Passage across the Pacific is rewarded with a Singapore Sling

No cocktail better embodies the tropics than the Singapore Sling. The fruity flavours reflect the multi-cultural vibrance of the country this cocktail was named after. It’s easy to picture yourself sitting by the pool in the blazing Southeastern sun when you start drinking it.

Drink a Pornstar Martini and become an honorary Londoner

You’ve almost come full circle but your adventure isn’t over till you’ve tasted this iconic British cocktail. The Pornstar Martini was born in London and has quickly become Britain’s most popular drink. No night in London town is complete without this fruity trailblazer taking centre stage.

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